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Sikhs have given so much, they deserve better…

The Sikh Network
The Sikh Network is an open collaborate collective of over 4,500 Sikh activists from existing Sikh organisations, youth groups, human rights and political activists, lawyers, academics, researchers, journalists, public sector professionals, management consultants, marketing and PR professionals, charity workers and students.

Individuals in the Sikh Network have an opportunity to fully participate and contribute, especially those who wish to remain in the background and don’t belong to any Gurudwara or organization. It allows and encourages participates on any specific issues or a number of issues without insisting on ‘all or nothing’ approach.

One important factor is that the Network is completely open and does not discriminate or set any pre conditions to either attend or participate. This is a forward thinking strategy to identify, utilise and inform Sikh youth talent without any burden and structures of existing organization.

The Networks key aim is to develop and launch the Sikh Manifesto. The Network intends to share thoughts and actions on key issues and campaigns to all. Those associated to the Sikh Network and other Organisations inc The Sikh Federation (UK) & Sikh Council UK have formulated this Sikh Manifesto which provides politicians and the wider public with a better understanding of the Sikh contribution, as well as the challenges the Sikhs continue to face due mainly to their distinct religious needs and identity.
The concept of the Sikh Network is about being inclusive:

  • Individuals having an opportunity to fully participate and contribute, but may wish to remain in the background
  • Autonomous Sikh organizations participating and collaborating through representatives to achieve a common goal
  • Promoting increased collaborative working and targeting the wider Sikh community as well as non-Sikhs
  • Fast and powerful response to key Sikh issues and campaigns

It is envisaged many Sikh organizations ‘associated’ with the Sikh Network will be those with younger representatives and activists and existing professional groups.

Aims of the Sikh Network:
1. To develop and launch the Sikh Manifesto
2. To raise awareness of politicians, Gurudwaras and Sikh and non-Sikh voters of the demands set out in the Sikh Manifesto
3. To monitor and take actions at a local, national and European level to ensure progress against the Sikh Manifesto
4. To discuss and agree changes in strategy and approach to help deliver the Sikh Manifesto
5. To support and help organize events related to the Sikh Manifesto
6. To utilise each existing organisation’s contacts and members to progress activities. This allows for a flexible and accelerated flow of information, to inform and provide guidance on key activities and actions.

The Sikh Manifesto
The Sikh Manifesto is about empowering the UK Sikh community to engage with the UK political system and create partnerships with democratic institutions. The Sikh Network will work with existing organisations that are identified and best placed to deliver these items and monitor progress against the Sikh Manifesto over the next five years and discuss and agree changes in strategy and approach to help deliver against the issues set out.

Discussions on a Manifesto started back in August 2014 with many members of the Sikh organisations and Sangat (please see timeline below). Following 6 nationwide consultations (all having many SCUK members in attendance) and many meetings the 10 points on the Manifesto were finalised.

Now as these points reflect the complete spectrum of Sikhs in Britain, not all will agree with every single word, however all Sikhs can relate to and adopt most or even all objectives set out in the Sikh Manifesto and will use it to challenge candidates and political parties to clarify their position prior to the May 2015 General Election and also judge their backing for Sikh issues after being elected.

Sikh Network & Manifesto Consultations
25/10/14 – Consultation 1 held at Seven Kings Singh Sabha East London
25/10/14 – Consultation 2 held at Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Havelock Road, Southall
01/11/14 – Consultation 3 held at Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Smethwick
08/11/14 – Consultation 4 held at Guru TeghBahadur Gurdwara Leicester
09/11/14 – Consultation 5 held at Chapel Town Gurdwara Leeds
09/11/14 – Consultation 6 held at Singh Sabha Gurdwara Bradford

Key Events

  • Official Sikh Manifesto Launch – Saturday 31 January 2015
    Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Havelock Rd, Southall 12-2pm
  • Midlands Sikh Manifesto Launch – Saturday 14 February 2015
    Guru Nanak Gurdwara, High St, Smethwick 1-3pm
  • UK Parliament Sikh Manifesto Event – Thursday 26 February 2015
    Attlee Suite, Portcullis House, Westminster London 3-5pm