COVID-19 Sikh Survey Report

Download the Sikh Covid19 Survey Report

The Sikh Network: Covid-19 Impact on the Sikh community survey report 2020 – provides a unique insight on how the Sikh community perceives the government handling of the COVID-19 crisis, and lack of Sikh community engagement.

The survey is very critical of the governments’ handling of the COVID-19 crisis to date and covers a wide range of issues.  The survey of over  1,500 responses asked questions of the governments’ handling of the pandemic over a range of areas  The stark results, statistics and comments cover key areas like;

· The UK Government’s initial response to Covid-19

· The availability of personal protective equipment (PPE) for key workers

· The high proportion of BAME deaths of those working in the NHS and social care sectors

· The high proportion of Sikh deaths from Covid-19

· The testing and contact tracing strategy

· The total lack of consultation and understanding on restrictions imposed on Gurdwaras

· The unwillingness of the government to issue funeral guidance specific to each faith for reasons of political correctness

· The treatment of tens of thousands British Sikhs stranded in Punjab, India

· The government’s failure to engage with Sikh organisations connected with Gurdwaras on their re-opening

Download the Covid19 Survey Report