Gurmail Singh

Gurmail Sidhu

Gurmail Sidhu BA (Hons) Law

Gurmail entered the legal profession in 1980 and qualified as a Solicitor in 1982. He became a Partner in a widely respected general practice in 1986, where he accepted instructions across a gamut of disciplines. In 1991, he started his own firm in Edgbaston. In 2013, he retired from his own practice, and is now a general consultant to two Solicitors firms. Gurmail has throughout his legal career assisted local Gurdwaras with legal issues on a pro-bono basis.

Gurmail’s exceptional experience and his exposure to many areas of law makes him an atypical problem-solver, who is capable of guiding clients through complex and often distressing situations involving intensely difficult areas of law and strategy. Gurmail’s experience embraces a vast range of legal disciplines.

He has supported the Sikh Network throughout helped publicise the Sikh Manifesto to bring its contents to the attention of relevant parties